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New Marlins Stadium To Feature On-Field Aquariums

(WSCR) The Miami Marlins aren't the only fish getting a new home in Florida.

The new Marlins Stadium - opening up next week - will feature two 20-feet aquariums rounding out the backstop behind home plate.

"If anyone watches a game on TV, the one thing they'll get with the pitcher, catcher, umpire and on-deck hitters is the aquariums on both sides of home plate," Claude Delorme, Marlins Stadium Vice President of Operations and Events, said.

Photos: New Marlins Ballpark

The aquariums will be encased in a bullet-proof glass shield that can withstand an object traveling up to 200 mph.

"We're in good shape in terms of protecting the animals," Mat Roy, president of Living Color said. "Again, it's going to get a little wear and tear out here, certainly from the fans and players, but it can obviously be done. Will the animal hear it? Yeah, the animals are definitely going to hear the impact, there's no doubt about it, but will they freak out and be affected by it? No. To me, it's no different than putting a tank in a night club."


Marlins Park aquariums finally have residents by Manny Navarro on YouTube
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