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New Edgewater Starbucks Made Of Recycled Shipping Containers

A new Starbucks in Edgewater made of recycled shipping containers. (Credit: Steve Miller)

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The grand opening is today for Chicago's only Starbucks location that's made of recycled shipping containers.

New Edgewater Starbucks Made Of Recycled Shipping Containers

The new Starbucks at Broadway and Devon sounds a lot like a regular Starbucks.

Except the line to order is outside. In fact, all the customers are outside the place. They walk up or they drive up. And they can sit outside - or just be on their way.

"It's an extremely smart concept for a college campus."

Katie Bloomquist was standing in line with others from nearby Tricoci University - down the street from Loyola University.

"(On a) college campus, not many people come equipped with cars. Everyone's walking back and forth towards classes. I think the idea of just being able to walk up instead of having to go into an establishment is really going to make them some money."

But Vicki Hernandez isn't sold on the outdoor setting.

"I want my free Internet. I want my heat. I want everything."

The staff is, of course, inside the Starbucks - a modular building of half a dozen large shipping containers covered with some other recycled material for decoration.

Starbucks store manager Andrew Hinkle. (Credit: Steve Miller)

Andrew Hinkle, manager of the new Starbucks at Broadway and Devon, says employees are "super environmentally-conscious and aware."

"Almost all of our partners bike or walk to work. A lot of our customers at the walk-up window are biking and walking from around the community. We have a lot of Loyola students from here who are walking by. It's a Leed Certified store. We are doing our best to recycle everything we can. Obviously the building is itself a recycled object," said Hinkle.

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