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New Disability Parking Rules Go Into Effect Jan. 1

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Free parking at meters is about to go away from some holders of disability parking placards, reports WBBM's Mike Krauser.

New Disability Parking Rules Go Into Effect Jan. 1

Disable parking placards are up for renewal and the rules have changed.

"If the individual with the disability is eligible for the meter-exempt parking, they must have the new certification filled out by their physician and turn it into us in order to receive the new meter-exempt parking placard. The current card placard they have come January 1 will no longer be valid for meter-exempt parking," said Bill Bogdan, the Illinois Secretary of State's disability liaison.

To be eligible for the meter exemption, a doctor has to certify a person needs a wheelchair or prosthetic device, can't reach a meter, has lost the use of a hand or arm or can't walk 20 feet without resting due to a medical condition.

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