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New Bears DE Houston Doing All He Can To Recruit 'Best Friend' Melton Back

(CBS) In an interview with the Boers and Bernstein Show on Wednesday afternoon following his official introduction as a Bear, defensive end Lamarr Houston called Henry Melton, a college teammate of his at Texas, a "best friend" and said he's working on getting the defensive tackle to re-sign with Chicago.

Melton is a free agent, and the Cowboys have shown serious interest in him, according to reports.

"Henry's my best friend," Houston said.

"I'm doing everything in my power to try and get him back here so I can play next to him too … I wish Henry the best of luck in his process."

Listen to Houston's entire interview with the Boers and Bernstein Show

Lamarr Houston

As for himself, Houston has already endeared himself to some Bears fans with his comments in his first 24 hours with the franchise. Houston said he wants to play with the attitude of legendary Bears linebacker Dick Butkus, and at his introductory press conference he said, "The Monters of the Midway are back."

And he holds himself to high expectations, saying he's aiming for far more than the six sacks he had last season with the Raiders.

"I understand everybody looks at that sack total and wonders what's going on," Houston said. "But I tell them this one thing: I've always been good at proving thing in my life, and I'll prove that I'm a good pass rusher. Not a good pass rusher, a great pass rusher and a great defensive lineman. All those who are wondering and have questions, keep your eyes on the game.

"We're going to use my versatility to (our) advantage."

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