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Naperville Police Officer Saves Child Who Ran Into The Street

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The Naperville Police Department released dash cam video showing a Sergeant rescuing a young boy running down Route 59.

Sergeant Anthony Mannino, a 24-year veteran of the Naperville Police Department, spotted the boy running into the street and immediately jumped out of his car to get the boy to safety.

The Naperville Police Department is calling Sgt. Mannino a hero.

On June 7, Sgt. Mannino was presented the department's Life Saving Award for saving the child.

The Naperville Police Department posted the dash cam video on Facebook saying, "Last month, this youngster escaped his mother's watchful eye, left his house and was found by Sgt. Anthony Mannino running on Route 59! Luckily, no one was hurt, and we attribute that to Sgt. Mannino's observation while on patrol and quick reaction, placing his squad car and himself between the child and traffic. On June 7, Sgt. Mannino was presented the department's Life Saving Award. Well done, Sergeant.

CBS 2's Jeremy Ross spoke with the officer who rushed to the rescue.

He says at first he thought he spotted a stray dog. He says he was driving on Route 59 when his police and parental instincts took over.

"I have twin boys," he said. "In this situation, once it's over and starts to digest, you have this sense this could have been your kid."

Mannino says the toddler and family live about two blocks away from where he spotted the boy.

"The kid just got out of the house, mom was with the kid and in a fleeting second, the child ran out of the house," Mannino stated. "The mom showed up and was obviously very emotional."

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