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Naperville high school senior receives big grant for her work in the community

Matea Valley High School senior receives big grant
Metea Valley High School senior receives big grant 01:24

Naperville, Ill (CBS) -- A bit of suspense at Metea Valley High School in Naperville Friday.

A senior soccer player was just surprised with a very big check in front of 2,000 students and staff.

CBS 2's Audrina Bigos was there to help with the surprise and present the big $10,000 dollar check to Jocelyn Grabow -- who had no idea it was coming.

She wasn't chosen for grades or athletic ability.

She was picked for giving back to the community... and helping people she's never met.

"It's an honor and I'm shocked. You said it. I was shaking," Grabow said.

"If you look at Jocelyn's resume, it's unbelievable as far as what she's done to give back to her community, and again, to people she's never met. And that's kind of the key to the whole award," said Keith Melaragno, former PepsiCo executive.

The grant is named after Keith.

The $10,000 can be used for college, a charity, or a down payment on a home. it's part of the making a difference on and off the field campaign run by buddy's helpers. 

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