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Nancy O'Dell Shares Her Thoughts On The 70th Annual Emmy Awards

The 2018 Emmy Awards took place last night from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, CA. Monday's night broadcast marked the 70th occurrence of the awards and featured plenty of big surprises and fun moments for everyone in attendance and tuning in at home.

CBS Local's Ryan Mayer spoke to Entertainment Tonight's Nancy O'Dell to get her thoughts on the night that was.

RM- Good morning Nancy, how are you?

NO- Good morning Ryan! How's it going?

RM- Doing pretty well! So the Emmys were last night of course and first off I wanted to get your thoughts on what you felt the biggest surprise of the night was?

NO- I think there were so many different surprises! People know some of the shows that were going to do well like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, but I don't think they realized how many awards they would walk away with, so I think that was a bit of a surprise. We also got a surprise engagement that happened with Glen Weiss on the show, didn't you love that? A little love in the action.

RM- Absolutely, always good to see a little love in the atmosphere. You mentioned that being one of the big surprise moments of course - I imagine that was probably a first, no?

NO- I think that may have been a first, I can't recall any other time that has happened. We actually spoke to Glenn Weiss he said worried about getting played off. He didn't know what was gong to happen he just decided that he was going to do the proposal and he said his biggest fear was that they would just start playing music and pushing him off the stage [laughs].

Of course, the audience reaction was amazing because they really loved it. I think it was just something different an they didn't expect it so they were cheering him on. There's no plan B for him in that situation either you know, if she said no there was no plan B.

RM- Going on to some of the speeches from the night, who did you think had the best acceptance speech?

NO- One of my favorites, I don't know how poignant it necessarily was, but I just thought it was so genuine and funny was Henry Winkler. I mean it's the Fonz! He talked about having his Emmys speech in his pocket for 40-something years.

It was just very charming and I think people were cheering him on because everybody likes to see an actor who's been around for a while, especially when you have such a hit show as the one that he was on and you have a character that you're so used to seeing him in as the Fonz, to see him to be able to move on to be so successful on another show years later. I think that just made it very charming to see.

RM- You mentioned Henry Winkler finally winning, I have to imagine that was something that made the whole crowd very happy to finally see him reach the top of the mountain.

NO- Yes, I think you could tell by the reaction of the people in the venue how excited they were for him.

RM- We have to touch on last night's hosts as well, Michael Che and Colin Jost, it's always difficult to host an awards show - such a long event with so many different skits and monologues. What did you think of the job those two guys did?

NO- I thought they did a great job. It just felt like they weren't trying so hard, sometimes you'll see these hosts and you can tell they're trying really hard to be funny. Michael and Colin just did it perfectly with a dry sense of humor and the skits and things.

I felt they came across really well, I think they managed to bring a very light, effortless energy while keeping things moving really well.

RM- Well Nancy thanks so much for the time, I really appreciate it and thank you again for giving us your insight on last night's awards!

NO- Oh it was great to talk to you, have a great day!

Tune into Entertainment Tonight for even more insights, recaps and analysis. Check your local listings for more information.



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