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Nagy: Justin Fields Will Start Season's Final Game If Healthy

CHICAGO (CBS) -- While the Bears are riding two straight wins at the helm of their quarterbacks, Head Coach Matt Nagy said they are still trying to get rookie starter Justin Fields more reps before the season's end.

Whether he plays Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings will largely depend on his ankle injury.

Nagy said ideally, Fields would have sat out the whole season – but the time he has played has been valuable for everyone.

"Just how to be a pro from Monday to Saturday – like how that goes – and that part has been really, really good for him. Obviously, I think he's going to have a really, really bright future, and he works extremely hard," Nagy said.

"Now, the other stuff – the DNA stuff, the experience that he's gotten – any of these rookie quarterbacks, or any position, if you're forced to play or you do play, you attack at full speed ahead – and that's what Justin's done."

The Bears take on the Vikings in Minnesota at noon Sunday for the last game of the season.

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