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New "Nada Nada" Ringtone Reminds Immigrants Of Their Rights

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Several elected and community leaders gathered in Federal Plaza on Sunday to promote an advertising campaign aimed at easing the minds of immigrants facing possible deportation.

The "Nada Nada" campaign comes in the form of a ringtone; one that Ald. Danny Solis (25th) said serves as a reminder.

"Immigrants, whether they're documented or undocumented, have rights," he said.

The alderman said that's something that has been lost in political turbulence these days.

"I don't really like to say his name, but I will. [President Donald] Trump is very bad for our country. Trump is bad for our cities, and this is a good strategy to protect us from him," he said.

Some of the lyrics of the song in the "Nada Nada" ringtone translate to, "If immigration comes to arrest you, keep calm. You have the right to remain silent. Ask for an attorney."

"It's a very brief message about our fundamental human rights, and rights guaranteed by the Constitution," said Rev. Clete Kiley, an administrator with the Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago.

The "Nada Nada" campaign has purchased posters promoting the ringtone at bus stops across Chicago, a city that UNITE HERE Local 1 organizing director Angel Castillo said is full of immigrants.

Castillo said leadership in Washington, D.C., has made the campaign necessary.

"In Donald Trump's America, immigrants live in fear. They kiss their families goodbye, because they do not know when they walk out of that door if they will ever see them again," he said.

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