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Mysterious Yellow Ice Plops Onto Roof Near Airport

(CBS) – This time of year, finding ice on your roof is no big surprise. But for a woman in the northwest suburbs, it brought investigators to her home.

For 41 years, nothing out of the ordinary has occurred at Dawn Scarpulla's split-level home, until now.

She recently heard a big boom, she says.

"I found ice -- yellow ice -- on my roof," she tells CBS 2's Vince Gerasole.

The yellow ice broke apart and cracked her ceiling.

"When we put the pieces together it was like a five- to six-foot piece of ice, so it was big," Scarpulla says.

She is keeping a sample of the mysterious yellow ice in her garage freezer, for analysis.

Planes that land at O'Hare International Airport fly over her home, making Scarpulla wonder if an aircraft may be to blame.

Police have since examined her home twice, taken pictures of the scene, and even collected yellowish remnants in a red evidence bag.

An Elk Grove Village spokesperson says a health inspector is looking into the matter.

The FAA says because planes are de-iced, it's unlikely the large icicle fell from a jet. They have offered to assist Elk Grove Village.



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