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Multiple cars hit by party bus in Northalsted neighborhood

Party bus driver arrested after multiple cars hit in Northalsted neighborhood
Party bus driver arrested after multiple cars hit in Northalsted neighborhood 03:09

CHICAGO (CBS) -- People on Chicago's North Side were forced to run for safety as an out-of-control party bus sideswiped a string of cars Saturday. A witness captured the whole thing on camera. 


It turned into a chaotic situation very quickly at Addison and Broadway just before 3 p.m. Witnesses say a party bus came zooming down Broadway, hitting several cars. According to the Chicago Police Department, the bus was heading southbound on Broadway when it sideswiped 13 vehicles. 

Vehicles sustained damage ranging from broken rear windows to scrapes along sides to bumper damage and flat tires. 

Video shows "Black Label" on the bus. That business is located in Valparaiso, Indiana. 

Johnna Armstrong Watson said she had just picked up her boyfriend from Midway International Airport and had plans to check out Market Days just a few blocks away. 

Her boyfriend, Jackson Wolle, said they had just gotten out of the car when the party bus hit their vehicle. 

"We had just gotten out of the car like 30 seconds before, and we saw the driver coming. And he took off her mirror. And she had walked up to the sidewalk to see what was going on, and I saw him backing up. So I pulled her away because I didn't want her to get hit," he said. 

Police say the bus was eventually stopped near Recreation and Lakeshore Drive and the driver was taken into custody. 

There were no reported injuries. 

Owners of Black Label Limos said in a statement:

"We the owners of Black Label Limos, would like to make a statement in regard to the situation that occurred with one of our Party Buses in Chicago yesterday. We want to say first and foremost we are incredibly thankful that nobody was injured in this horrific accident. We are just as eager for any information regarding this situation, however unfortunately the Chicago PD has not released any more information to us, the owners, than what the media has. We are learning all of our information from the media sources. At this time we have not been able to be in contact with the driver regarding the events that took place yesterday. Originally the Chicago PD could not tell us if the driver of the bus had been injured, detained, or in custody. We finally learned of him being in custody through the media. Late yesterday evening on one of the numerous phones calls made to the Chicago PD they finally informed us that the driver was not impaired however, they did not specify or elaborate how they made that determination. Unfortunately, at this time we have no further information." 

Charges are pending. 

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