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Mullin: Emery Handling New Relationship With Smith Perfectly

(WSCR) During Phil Emery's introductory press conference, Bears fans were presented with a mild-mannered, quiet figure leading the Bears organization.

Emery didn't divulge his master plan, nor did he exert his power over Lovie Smith and the rest of the organization. To one Bears expert, Emery handled himself perfectly.

"I was struck by the guy standing up there and, from a business standpoint, handling this thing exactly the way he should have," John 'Moon' Mullin of Comcast Sportsnet said. "In particular with Lovie Smith, that is his closest working relationship. The fact that he didn't do a muscle flex and say, 'No doubt, I'm in charge now.' I think that would have been incredibly ill-advised and inappropriate. All that would do is alienate people.

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"It's a smart business strategy. Any time a new boss come into a new situation, the worst thing you can do is start throwing your weight around. The people will real power don't have to say so. It's easy to criticize him. Everybody seems to want to compare him to the Mike Ditka days. This guy isn't that way. To me, he struck me as a savvy guy who understands the organization."

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