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Muller: Miami Heat On The Brink Of Elimination, That's Fine By Me

By Shawn Muller--

CHICAGO (CBS0) I have had a hard time getting myself to watch the NBA Finals.

Ever since the Miami Heat eliminated the Chicago Bulls in that joke of a series known as the Eastern Conference finals last month, I felt like I could literally get sick at the thought of the Miami Heat hoisting up the Larry O' Brien Trophy.

It takes a lot for me to despise teams, but the Miami Heat have managed to find themselves on equal footing with the Los Angeles Lakers, the New York Yankees, and the Dallas Cowboys in my "teams I would rather listen to Yanni while dining with the devil than see win a championship" category.

The funny thing about my hatred for Miami is that I really didn't mind them at all prior to the summer of 2010. In fact, I actually enjoyed watching them win the NBA title over the Dallas Mavericks back in 2006. Chicago native, Dwyane Wade had his coming out party in that series, Shaquille O' Neal--whom I always enjoyed watching play--was still a dominate force in the post, and the L.A. Lakers didn't win the title (which is always a good thing in my book).

But once LeBron James, Dywane Wade, and Chris Bosh decided to join forces in South Florida--while spurning the Chicago Bulls in the process--my feelings towards the Heat, and many others' feelings about the Heat, completely changed.

I like to see players create their own legacy in their own cities. I like seeing the star players in the league wanting to blaze their own trail, and create their own legend, instead of following their buddies in the hopes for an easy path to a title.

Basically, I want to see guys like Dirk Nowitzki win championships.

Dirk was also a free agent last summer.

He could have left Dallas in favor of the chasing a championship in other city.

But he didn't.

He has played his entire career in one city. He chose loyalty to a city and a franchise over bigger dollars and brighter lights. He knew that he always was and always would be a Dallas Maverick...for better and for worse...'til death do them part.

Because of Dirk Nowitzki, if the Dallas Mavericks end up winning the championship, I won't mind it one bit. Seriously. What's not to like about the Mavs? They are tough nosed and determined and they don't step down from a challenge.

No one thought they would beat the L.A. Lakers...but they swept and destroyed them. I picked the Oklahoma City Thunder to win the West, but Dallas disposed of them quite easily. And now, the Mavs and their Jim Carrey clone of a head coach--Rick Carlisle--are just one win away from becoming the champions of the NBA for the first time in franchise history.

I like the way they play and I like the solidarity that they display, and quite frankly, they remind me of our own Chicago Bulls...

Well, other than the whole competing for the NBA championship thing.

Do you agree with Shawn? Post your comments below.

Jeff Pearl
Shawn Muller

Shawn Muller has lived in the great city of Chicago for 7 years. He is a 2002 graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and, in October of 2010, Shawn received his certificate in radio broadcasting. In his free time, Shawn enjoys spending time with his wife Melissa and 3 year old daughter Ava, catching any live sporting event, and traveling. Check out his radio show, Grab Some Bench with Muller and Bangser" every Thursday night at 8:30 P.M., at Read more of his blogs here.

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