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Moviegoers Line Up To See "The Interview"

(CBS) -- It's not the usual Christmas movie, but it's all the buzz today as some Chicago area theaters are showing "The Interview."

CBS 2's Mike Puccinelli talked to moviegoers at the Buffalo Grove Theatre and reports the hype machine appears to of worked in favor of "The Interview."

The controversial James Franco Seth Rogen film opened at the theater Friday night to a sold-out showing and hundreds came out for this morning's 10 a.m. showing as well.

If there's a message to North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and the hackers who tried to stop the movie's release from this theater owner, it might be thank you.

For many of the folks in line, showing up Christmas morning was about more than watching a film, it was about making a statement.

"I really, really wanted to see it and when I saw it was coming out I bought a ticket last night and I want to exercise freedom of speech, "Jeremy Leval said.

Buffalo Grove police have stepped up patrols of the parking lot and the theater owner Debbie Benjamin is also taking precautions. She's checking the bags of everyone who enters and installing a no re-entry policy.

Asked her why she was one of a handful of theater owners who decided to show the movie and she said it was the moral thing to do.

"If we could show this movie for free, we would show it for free just because everyone has the right to see what they want," Benjamin said.

CBS 2's Chris Martinez reports it's on the small screen where the movie is now pulling in the most viewers.

Sony's online release of the movie was groundbreaking, but not without issues. There are reports of piracy with well more than 200 thousand illegal downloads tallied so far.

It could be glimpse perhaps of what's to come.

"Some movies are being released video on demand the same day they're in theaters," said Chicago Sun Times film critic Richard Roeper. "I think with the blockbuster films, it's gonna be a long time before they're gonna be releasing them online the same day they're in theaters."

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