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Motorists Push Back At Overly Enthusiastic Parking Enforcement Aide

(CBS) -- Is it possible to be too good at your job? A parking enforcement aide received so many complaints from people in one Northwest Side neighborhood he was removed.

CBS 2's Charlie De Mar reports.

Parking tickets are a part of driving. But to add insult to injury, one parking enforcement aide took to social media to boast about his ticket-writing abilities.

People complained the employee would write tickets to people coming and going from church, parents with flashers on as they drop their kids off and even got into arguments.

The parking enforcer took to Facebook, posting, "Chicago you've been warned. I'm working Sunday. Don't park illegally when you go to worship your God of choice."

In another, the ticket-writer said, "I ended this year on the bang," by writing more than 22,000 tickets in one year and raising more than $1 million in revenue.

The city's Department of Finance says the 39th Ward alderman's office received complaints. The parking-enforcement employee has been relocated to Logan Square.

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