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Mother Says Kids Playing "Charlie Charlie Challenge" At Roseland School

(CBS) -- Have you heard of the "Charlie Charlie Challenge?" It's a handmade game that's become enormously popular among young people, with nearly two million mentions on Twitter over the past 48 hours alone.

But, in this Original Report, one South Side mother told CBS 2's Jim Williams children had no business playing it at her daughter's grade school.

Mother Shanetris Moore knows children are going to play games, but doesn't want her nine-year-old daughter playing any game that would leave her traumatized.

"She was screaming, she was crying," Moore said. "She was shaking."

Moore says it happened at the Lavizzo Elementary School in Roseland.

"In the back of the school and they were playing it in the classroom as well," she said.

Called the Charlie Charlie Challenge, it's sweeping social media.

The game is simple, requiring one piece of paper, two pencils. Ask it a question, and its believers say the game summons a dead Mexican spirit, named Charlie, who answers by moving one pencil to a yes or no. Think of a handmade Ouija Board.

Moore doesn't want her child playing with what she calls "witchcraft."

"We do not play those games," she said. "We don't play with the Ouija board. We don't play any of that."

Shanetris Moore concedes a teacher did stop the game Tuesday, but she says by then it had been played at the school for a week.

In a perfect world, Moore says, "I think for one ,they need to start doing more supervision in the classroom. Getting more people involved to monitor."

Sources tell us that the principal at Lavizzo has banned the game.

A CPS spokeswoman Judy Pardonenet said, "The safety and well-being of our students is the top priority of Chicago Public Schools. A game played at a lunch room table this week was upsetting to a student who was consoled by staff."

The mom told us she's angry the school never called her to say her daughter was upset and why.

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