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Moncler, Gold Coast Fashion Boutique, Burglarized

CHICAGO (CBS) --A high-end fashion boutique in the Gold Coast neighborhood was the scene of a dramatic burglary early Monday morning.

Police say the burglary occurred around 3:45 a.m. and they believe three vehicles were involved, with one being used to drive into the storefront. The team of thieves then grabbed three to four racks of expensive clothing and left in less than a minute.

In video shot soon after the heist some fur products that apparently were dropped and left behind could be seen on the floor of the Milan based high-end boutique.

Brad Evangelista was running in the area, and saw the aftermath as police investigated.

"There was a mannequin's arm near the street with a glove on it, and then like coats coming out of the doors," Evengelista said. "It's just kind of scary to think what could happen overnight if you're walking through."

It's not the first time there have been smash and grab burglaries around the Mag Mile recently.

Just three weeks ago, a batch of cell phones was taken from the Best Buy at the John Hancock Center after windows were smashed to get inside and in in April, thieves used a similar m.o. to hit the Saint Laurent Paris store on Walton getting away with hundreds of thousands of dollars.

"There have always been little break-ins, but now they're really getting brazen. They're hitting all the big stores," said Barbara Gordon, who owns Oak Street shop Bravco with her husband.

But Gordon says she feels the area is still safe.

"We have a lot of police on the street and they're good. It's just they just pick a certain hour to do it and that's what happen," she said.

This latest heist comes eight days after a similar smash and grab burglary in a Louis Vuitton store in Oakbrook Center Mall. Police still aren't saying whether they think the same thieves may have been involved.

Chicago Police are reviewing surveillance video of the robbery, but so far have not released any images of the suspects.

Alderman Brendan Reilly says he wants police to meet with luxury retailers in his ward to identify any security measures that can be taken to prevent future thefts.

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