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Mollison Elementary Passes Health Inspection After Rodent Infestation

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Mollison Elementary School receives the all-clear following a rodent infestation.

After three tries this week, the Bronzeville school has finally passed a health inspection. CBS 2's Lauren Victory has more from the school.

The news came less than 10 minutes before school started Friday morning - too late for some fed-up students who had already made the choice to skip class.

Passionate parents still encouraged others to keep their kids away from Mollison Elementary despite a clean bill of health Friday morning.

Postive inspection results came after dozen of students were rerouted to Harold Washington Cultural Center where Local School Council members promised education and emails.

"I brought him because I want to make sure he is safe," said parent, Kenneth Baker.

CBS: What are some things you are excited about in the new location?

"At least there are no rodent over there," said Maggie Diop, fourth grader.

Rodents plagued the Brozeville school for more than a week. Chicago Public School leaders promised an extermination and cleanup over Thanksgiving break, but photos taken by Local School Council members during Monday's walk through showed the problem persisted.

Monday's health inspectors found almost 300 mice droppings; andThursday's report showed more than 30 still in the school.

Friday's final all-clear was not good enough for elected officials who wanted to see it to believe it.

"They do what they want to do. They probably made it pass because they realize the kids are not coming into the building," said Yolanda Redman, Local School Council chair.

Redman was invited to tour the school Thursday, but declined to take it without all of her co-members.

There is no word yet if and when LSC will do their own inspection.

And with Friday's passed inspection, hot lunches will return to Mollison Elementary.

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