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She Bought A Wedding Ring For Her Husband In November; The Post Office Still Hasn't Delivered It

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The shortcomings of the U.S. Postal Service are now hitting a suburban couple where it hurts: on the ring finger.

They purchased a $360 wedding band in November, but they still haven't gotten it, and they told CBS 2 Morning Insider Tim McNicholas that USPS isn't giving them any answers.

Meet Abby and Marc Kortbek. They're stars of a love story four years in the making, but you wouldn't know it by Marc's bare ring finger.

The lovebirds planned a small COVID-conscious wedding for December 30th.

Abby bought a special wedding band for Marc, inscribed with the GPS coordinates of where they met at Soldier Field. She ordered it in early November, thinking two months would be enough time, but it still hasn't arrived four months later, two months after their wedding date.

"It's just the not knowing, you know, if it is still out there in an envelope or if it has disappeared," Marc said.

"What if it's on someone else's hand?" Abby said.

USPS marked the package "in transit" on December 4th, processed in New York City. Since then, the couple hasn't gotten any answers.

In January, USPS told them they're launching an investigation, but when CBS 2 asked the Postal Service this week, they said they still don't know what's causing the delay.

"It stirs up frustration, because you trust – you trust the Postal Service, you know, it's a government-run entity – that they're gonna come through for you," Abby said.

Asked if he thinks he'll ever get the ring, Marc laughed.

"No, I don't think we'll ever get it," Marc said.

So you might wonder what happened December 30th, the planned date for their big day? You didn't think a missing wedding band would stop them, did you?

"It was perfect for us, and the only thing that was missing was the ring," Abby said.

And for Mr. and Mrs. Kortbek, that's still the only thing missing.

USPS sent CBS 2 an email apologizing for the delay, saying the Kortbeks can file a claim, but the couple said they already did that and yet they're still waiting.

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