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Minister 'Crucifies' Granddaughter Over Teachers' Strike

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A Southeast Side minister went to dramatic lengths on Tuesday to show his frustration with the Chicago teachers' strike.

At Sweet Holy Spirit Baptist Church on 86th and South Chicago Avenue in the South Chicago neighborhood, Bishop Larry Trotter's 4-year old granddaughter was tied to a 7-foot tall cross--in a symbolic crucifixion.

Bishop Trotter told WBBM's Bernie Tafoya that it symbolizes the suffering of every CPS student during the teachers' strike.

"Our children are being neglected," he said. "Their hope is being crucified. Their education is being crucified and their future is being crucified."

Bishop Trotter says Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the school board and the teachers union are to blame.

Elaine Gardner, a grandmother to CPS students, agrees: "The sin is pride ... pride and ego. They have gotten to the point--like the movie "War of the Roses"--nobody wants to give in. But it's not hurting anybody but the children."

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio's Bernie Tafoya Reports


Bishop Trotter's granddaughter on the cross. (CBS)
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