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Jim Miller: Hanie Failed To 'Put His Big Boy Pants On'

(WSCR) After another dismal performance in his fourth start at quarterback for the Bears, Caleb Hanie has his fair share of critics.

But his biggest critic might be former Bears quarterback Jim Miller.

In an interview with The McNeil & Spiegel Show on 670 The Score Monday, Miller blamed Sunday's 38-14 loss on Hanie and said he's tired of the quarterback's attitude.

"Lovie is probably right in calling out Caleb Hanie, because I gotta be honest, I'm tired with the 'aw shucks' Gomer Pyle little skit by Caleb Hanie after the games. He should know better at this point," Miller said.

LISTEN: Jim Miller on The McNeil & Spiegel Show


The former quarterback said he would have pulled Hanie in the third quarter and said both of Seattle's interceptions returned for touchdowns were completely Hanie's fault. He said Hanie failed to read the coverage on the first one and missed tight end Kellen Davis for what could have been a touchdown.

"This game they should have lost due to Caleb Hanie's play because those pick-sixes are unacceptable," Miller said. "And that's why Lovie Smith isn't going to sit there and protect the player anymore. Because those particular situations, I mean, that's it. It's all on Caleb. He has to know that. Now, I don't know what he's being communicated in that building, but four years in the NFL, are you kidding me? Are you kidding me?"

Miller was even more critical in regards to the second pick-6, once again saying he had a chance for a big play but instead handed the Seahawks a touchdown.

"Caleb Hanie pissed down his leg and panicked because he didn't have any poise," he said. "That's on Caleb Hanie too, you can't script it any better, the blitz was picked up. Caleb Hanie was not poised enough to read it correctly and didn't know he was picked up on that play. You can't fault the coaches on that. Does he not know his assignments? He obviously doesn't know his assignments because he panicked and then he compounded the issue by throwing a bad football."

Miller also questioned why backup Josh McCown didn't get any snaps in practice last week and said he doesn't understand why offensive coordinator Mike Martz continues to use new plays. He cited wide receiver Dane Sanzenbacher who told him Sunday that the offense is almost completely new each week.

"Well, no wonder," Miller said on The Score. "No wonder everyone is struggling with it."

As for who should start at quarterback next week against the Packers?

"I'm probably starting Josh McCown," Miller said. "I mean, just judging Caleb Hanie, going off the press conference, and I learned quite a bit with both what I've seen and how he addresses it after the game. He doesn't want to acknowledge the situations, doesn't know certain situations and just that "aww shucks" attitude. I told you last week it's time to put on the big boy pants. Well, he didn't do it. He didn't do it. So I gotta to find someone who can put the big boy pants on."


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