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Mike Ditka Calls Jonathan Martin A 'Baby'

(CBS) Former Bears head coach and current ESPN analyst Mike Ditka has twice spoken out about the Jonathan Martin-Richie Incognito bullying case in Miami.

First, Ditka said that Martin should have just punched Incognito in the mouth if he felt he was being bullied.

Now, Ditka called Martin a "baby" and said he wouldn't want him on his team.

"I want to say one thing," Ditka said during ESPN's Sunday NFL Countdown.  "If I was the coach, I wouldn't have either Incognito, the bully, or the baby, Martin, on my team.  That's me.  (Does) that make me right?  No.  That makes me me.  And I would stand up to that, because you don't do what Martin did and you don't do want Incognito did.  Period."


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