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Heir Jordans: Michael Jordan's Kids Reflect On 'The Last Dance,' Growing Up With A Legend

CHICAGO (CBS)-- "The Last Dance" is not only eye opening for fans, but for Michael Jordan's own kids.

The tragic 1993 murder of James Jordan and subsequent first retirement of Jordan from the Bulls are the key highlights from episodes 7 and 8 of "The Last Dance."

CBS 2's Ryan Baker spoke with Jordan's sons Jeffrey and Marcus and daughter Jasmine about the documentary, their world-famous dad and childhood.

Even though Jeffrey is in Portland, Marcus is in Orlando and Jasmine is in Charlotte, they all said Chicago is still their home.

For Jeffrey, Jordan's oldest son, he said it's been awesome to relive some of the moments from a new perspective. Marcus agreed.

"Not only is it great for young kids who never got to see my dad play, it's also good for those that did follow along, but didn't really understand what was going on behind the scenes," Marcus said.

Jasmine is finding the series inspiring.

"I was so young when this was happening," Jasmine said. "This is who you are in other people's eyes when you and your brothers have only viewed you as dad. Now it's like, 'okay, I get it'. I really understand why you are the GOAT and everybody's so fascinated by you.'"

When Baker asked if their dad was competitive at home, Jeffrey said it was a competitive environment that was "more so on the fun-side."

Baker gave a shoutout to their mom, Juanita.

"There's so much spotlight and so much publicity, she made sure we saw the family and we went to the South Side and she made sure we were going to be successful individuals, not just successful children of Michael Jordan," Jeffrey said.

Marcus said he can't thank his mom enough.

"I have her name tattooed on my hand right here since I was 18 and Jasmine's obviously wearing her shirt for her, for Mother's Day," Marcus said.

None of the Jordan kids have seen next week's "The Last Dance" finale. They've been anxiously watching every Sunday night like the rest of us.

Baker said it's clear the Jordan brand legacy will live on through them.

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