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Chicago Man Charged With Starting Brawl At Miami International Airport Over Standby Seats

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A Chicago man is facing disorderly conduct charges in Florida, after police said he started a brawl at Miami International Airport.

According to a police report, 20-year-old Jameel Decquir and three other people were standing at an American Airlines counter at the airport on Sunday, when an agent told them there were only three standby seats available for the next flight to Chicago, meaning either one of them would have to stay behind, or all four would have to wait for another flight.

A witness told there was some back and fourth with the agent and then the agent asked the next group of three people in line if they wanted to go.

That's when Decquir and his companions began fighting with the other three people standing at the counter, according to the police report.

Other passengers at the airport recorded the brawl on their cell phones. Videos show a group of four people fighting next to the checkout counter, and a second group fighting several feet away next to a row of seats.

According to the police report, Decquir and a companion began punching and kicking two people in the other group, while two of Decquir's other companions began punching and kicking the third person from the other group.

When one of the victims fell to the ground, another victim covered her with his body to shield her as Decquir and a companion kept kicking and punching them on the ground, police said.

The third victim also fell to the ground as two of Decquir's other companions kept punching and kicking him, according to police.

In videos of the fight, witnesses can be heard saying "Guys, stop it. Guys, stop it, You're going to (expletive) kill him," while others yell for "Security!"

A woman can be heard saying, "Stop it, you're going to get it trouble."

"Part of me is a little bit not surprised that people are like, it seems like crazier and crazier stuff is going on in the news, so this is like, it's almost become a new normal, honestly," passenger Stefano Paparella told CBS Miami.

"There's so much going on in the world today the last thing I want to do is see my brothers and sisters in an airport fighting, there is no reason to do that," said passenger Latoya Sanchez. "We've gone through so much in these last 2 years from COVID to social injustice. We've been doing that, living that for a long time. It's embarrassing."

Witnesses told police Decquir and his companions clearly started the fight, and the victims were only defending themselves. One victim suffered a cut to the inside of his mouth, but declined medical treatment.

Decquir was arrested for misdemeanor disorderly conduct, but police said the victims declined to press further charges against him or his companions.


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