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Melrose Park Detective Accused Of Selling Drugs From Police Evidence

(CBS) -- A suburban cop just months away from retirement remains in jail as he stands accused of drug trafficking.

As CBS 2's Mai Martinez reports, the feds say he stole drugs from police evidence and then sold them.

Ann Iusi says the arrest of her son 41-year-old Greg Salvi is, "the most devastating thing that's happened in my life."

He worked as a detective for the Melrose Park Police Department for 18-years, but last Thursday, Salvi was arrested by the FBI after an undercover investigation.

In the criminal complaint, the feds alleged Salvi stole drugs from police evidence and sold them while on duty, to different people who were working with federal agents.

He's also accused of offering to sell those same people guns.

Today, Salvi's wife along with family members and friends were at his detention hearing hoping he'd be released on bond.

But in court the prosecutor told the judge Salvi is a flight risk and poses a danger to the community.

"With all due respect to the government, I have seen absolutely no evidence of any threat to any individual," said defense attorney Adam Sheppard.

But the feds say Salvi wasn't honest about how many guns he owns, never mentioning a military rifle surrendered by his wife.

"He told the truth and the gun was an oversight," said Iusi.

Salvi's family says the undisclosed rifle was a gift given to his son and didn't even work, but the prosecutors said federal agents said it is a functioning weapon.

Salvi's bond hearing will resume on Friday.

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