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Meetings Continue On Tax Hike Plan With No Result

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (CBS) - It's been another busy but markedly unproductive day in the Illinois General Assembly, which is aiming to raise our taxes but not there yet.

The lawmakers are working on that and another important issue, hoping to pass something before they go home, and a new session with new members begins next week.

CBS 2's Dana Kozlov reports it's a mad rush to get something done before the new legislature is sworn in next Wednesday.

Still moving along are talks about a tax hike that would impact every working person in this state.

House Minority Leader Tom Cross says super partisan discussions about raising everyone's income tax is what has been going on behind closed doors in Springfield.

"Nobody really knows what they're thinking," said Cross.

There have been secret meetings between Democrats, Gov. Pat Quinn, Senate President John Cullerton and House Speaker Mike Madigan. All trying to reach a deal on a tax hike plan.

"This is a mess. This is almost becoming what people would call a dysfunctional family," said Cross.

There seems to be real momentum to get a deal up for a vote; a deal that could possibly hike the state's income tax by as much as 2 ¼ percent.

"I think there are members around this chamber that would say they're for a tax hike but they demand some comprehensive reform, which we just haven't seen," said Cross.

While that simmers, the debate over permanently abolishing the death penalty boiled. It failed by one vote.

Regarding the income tax deal, the governor and other Democratic leaders were not available to talk about it.

But later Thursday evening, a spokesperson for Mike Madigan says Gov. Quinn and Speaker Madigan had some pleasant talks this morning, and now they want to talk to members.

It looks like a deal is certainly in the works and still moving forward.

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