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Meet The Military Canines That Helped Dog Bin Laden

(CBS) -- They're called war dogs, and they're playing a crucial role in the U.S. military.

When the Navy SEALs raided Osama bin Laden's compound in Pakistan, they had a specially trained canine with them. Nearly 3,000 active duty dogs are serving in the armed forces now.

They're trained to wear breathable body armor and are outfitted with a camera on their head to send live video to soldiers in other positions.  They can jump from airplanes in tandem with their trainer, or even make jumps on their own.

The biting power of their jaws can exert 400 to 700 pounds of pressure.

Their teeth are reinforced with titanium.

"I'd rather be shot than have that thing tear me up," trainer Alex Dunbar tells CBS.

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