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Medical Marijuana Opening Up New Career Paths In Illinois

(CBS) -- As the medical marijuana business gears up, it's opening up a whole new career path, reports WBBM's John Cody.

The CEO of Quantum 9 consulting, which offers turnkey marijuana growing and dispensing assistance, has started as a sideline: a career website called It features a big marijuana leaf over the words: "Be A Part Of The Health Care Revolution...Start Your Cannabis Career Today."


And Michael Mayes is now accepting applications for a job called trimmer, minimum wage or a little more.

"Most people are familiar with the bud itself but there's families as well as sugar leaves that need to be trimmed off of the actual bud itself," Mayes said.

After trimmer comes gardener and master gardener, though Mayes says the actual trimming won't start in Illinois till late next year at the earliest.

He says business has been brisk since Illinois released marijuana growing regulations on August 8.

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