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Measurable Snow Causes A Few Problems

CHICAGO (CBS) -- While drivers may not like it, the snowfall is a welcome sight for many.

After a season of nearly no snow, the state's plow drivers are in full gear this Saturday morning. Overnight on the Kennedy Expressway, drivers slowed down to better navigate the snowy, slushy mess.

During the early morning hours, the Illinois Department of Transportation reported a majority of roads in the Chicago area with patches of snow and ice. That meant accidents were inevitable.

State Police tell CBS 2's Courtney Gousman, they were called to a higher than normal amount of crashes overnight. Master Sgt. David Keltner says there were at least 27 accidents between 10 p.m. Friday, and 5:30 a.m. Saturday.

Keltner says accidents were spread-out on all the major interstates.

The slushy conditions, paired with temperatures well below freezing, create slick spots and black ice on expressways.

"I know IDOT's been out quite a bit salting and plowing some, but the inability of folks to react to the changing conditions I think is more of an issue than just the roadway conditions themselves," said Master Sgt. Keltner.

State police say most of the accidents they responded to were spin-outs, involving multiple vehicles.
Traffic returned to normal speeds along the expressways by last morning as state plows salted, and slush turned to water.

In the city's East Garfield Park neighborhood, around every corner residents were shoveling sidewalks and dusting-off their cars.

We talked to many people surprised to see the how much snow fell overnight.

"I wish I had somebody else to do this for me," said Jodette Adams as she worked to clean off her car.

Carlos Riveria, tells CBS 2, this is only the second time this winter he's dusted snow from his car.

"Everything was covered in snow. Now I actually have to shovel the house and everything like that, so it's going to be a long day."

The city's fleet of nearly 200 snow plows also worked throughout the day to keep things clear on major main and residential streets.

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