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McCarthy: Cops Taking Report Of Gang 'Hit Squad' Seriously

(CBS) – Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy says his department is taking seriously a purported directive from a Chicago street gang to kill members of law enforcement.

The gang reportedly has even created a so-called "hit squad" to carry out the mission, CBS 2'S Mai Martinez reports.

Being a police officer just got more dangerous in Chicago. According to information gathered by the Cook County Sheriff's office, a street gang wants to ambush and kill police officers near 19th and Oakley west of the Loop.

"This is in regards to one particular officer who's done an incredible job who we're paying special attention to make sure that he's covered," McCarthy told reporters Monday.

They're also alerting all officers. CBS 2 obtained a copy of an Officer Safety Alert issued last week that says, "The purpose of this squad will be to kill law enforcement officers."

According to some of the information gathered, gang members intend to coax police officers into chasing them into alleys or gangways. Once inside, other gang members would shoot the officers.

Plain-clothed officers are reportedly the gang's target, but it has also considered killing uniformed officers as well.

People living in the area say police have been cracking down on gangs, and that might have prompted the directive.

"It doesn't really surprise me because I think it would be anybody that threatened to take their lifestyle away," Elizabeth Jimenez says.

And McCarthy says that lifestyle include firearms like those seized last week by police.

"Every one of those guns is an armed confrontation with a really bad guy," he said.

A police source also tells CBS 2 the gang has reportedly conducted surveillance of police officers after they get off work, in an attempt to find out where they live. It's not known if the gang members have been successful.

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