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Radio Host Maze Jackson Carjacked In South Loop: 'I Was In A Complete State Of Shock'

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Radio host and podcaster Maze Jackson was carjacked Tuesday morning in the South Loop, leaving him "in a complete state of shock."

A suspect has now been arrested and charged.

Jackson, a longtime political analyst who hosts the morning show on WBGX 1570AM, was stopped at a red light at 24th and State Streets around 10:30 a.m., when a work truck hit his Porsche from behind, according to police and a post on Jackson's Facebook page.

Police said when both Jackson and the other driver got out of their vehicles, the other driver jumped in Jackson's car. Jackson said he fought with the carjacker without thinking about his own safety.

"While I realize vehicles are material things, in the moment I just couldn't believe he had the AUDACITY to try and TAKE MY SHYT...that I worked for! I completely forgot about the possibility of further escalation," Jackson wrote on Facebook.

Jackson said he also was caught off guard by the fact his carjacker was a White man.

"I underestimated him...truly shame on me! I let the imagery and media shape my image of what a 'carjacker' looks like. Be clear...he was a WHITE MAN, not a Black teenager," Jackson wrote.

Police said the carjacker fled the scene in Jackson's Porsche.

"I was in a complete state of shock, with no phone, no car, no bag, no jacket...standing in the middle of 24th and State. Two guys who had been watching the whole thing came over, apologizing offering to help, but honestly I was a bit spooked because it would have been the perfect time to rob I was like "FUG AWAY FROM ME!" he wrote "They explained they thought I was carjacking the White dude, and thought he had gotten away, until they realized I was the one who had been jacked. I guess they watch the same media as me! That stated...lesson learned!"

Jackson was not injured, and police said a suspect has been taken into custody, and charges are pending.

"I'm good physically, but mentally...WHOA! I definitely got caught slipping," Jackson wrote in his Facebook post.

Late Wednesday, police said William Nixon, 28, of Homer Glen had been charged one count of vehicular hijacking. He was arrested in Aurora.

William Nixon
William Nixon is charged in the carjacking of radio host Maze Jackson. (Credit: Chicago Police)

Another carjacking was reported hours later in Chinatown, just two blocks away.

Police said around 8:35 p.m., the 69-year-old man was walking away from his silver Audi A4 when he was approached by two men from behind in the 200 block of West 24th Street.

One of the offenders punched the man in the back of the head, causing him to fall to the ground. The offender then took the man's wallet and keys and then fled in the man's vehicle.

The man was injured, but refused medical treatment.

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