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Mayor Lightfoot Issues Letter To U.S. State Department Authorizing Refugee Resettlement In Chicago

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Tuesday submitted a letter to the U.S. State Department that gave consent to refugee resettlement in Chicago.

The letter was submitted in accordance with federal Executive Order 13888, which declares that refuges may only be resettled in jurisdictions where state and local governments have provided their consent.

The Mayor's office said the executive order amounted to an attempt by the Trump Administration to limit refugee resettlement, and emphasized that Mayor Lightfoot is against such a policy.

"As a Welcoming City, Chicago is proud to submit our letter of consent to the State Department, ensuring our doors continue to remain open to refugees from around the world that are seeking a new home for themselves and a new future in our great country," Mayor Lightfoot said in a news release. "It is especially fitting that we do so during this holiday season as we extend the blessings we received to those most in need."

The mayor continued in the release., "While the Trump Administration's Executive Order stands as another expression of their cynical vision to undermine America's heritage as a nation of immigrants, Chicago will continue to do everything it can to fight for our families, rise to our highest values, and remain a beacon of hope for families here at home and across the globe."

So far, a total of 21 states, including Illinois, have provided consent for refugee resettlement. DuPage County has also provided such consent.

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