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Marshall On Meriweather: 'Those Are The Guys In Trouble'

By Adam Hoge-

LANDOVER, Md. (CBS) -- Brandon Meriweather, a noted headhunter in the NFL, was called for two personal fouls Sunday for targeting a defenseless receiver.

First, the Redskins safety hit Alshon Jeffery with helmet-to-helmet contact in the third quarter after the Bears receiver caught a 28-yard pass. Then, in the fourth quarter, he was called for it again when he hit Brandon Marshall in the end zone on an incomplete pass.

To make matters worse, Meriweather was reportedly soliciting his teammates for money in the locker room after the game as he joked about the fines that will undoubtedly be coming.

"Anybody else want to chip in on my dinner? I can't afford it right now," Meriweather said, according to the AP.

Meanwhile, in the other locker room, Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall wasn't happy with the Redskins safety.

"You know, I understand. I get it. I was one of those guys. I played defense growing up. I was a headhunter," Marshall said. "On the offensive side I even play that way, but with the rules in place, you have to respect it. Guys like that just don't understand. Those are the guys that are in trouble as far as (they) really don't have anything to do after football because they think it's all about football. Guys like that… it's tough."

Marshall refrained from saying anything to Meriweather on the field, but he did say the safety's play has become a problem.

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"I'm not going to say anything to him. My teammates did a lot of talking and I was thankful for that, but you know it's part of the game. I understand. I'm not venting for anything. I understand big hits. That's a part of our game, but when you have a guy that does it week in a week out, that's when it becomes a problem. That's that only reason I'm talking about it."

Later Sunday evening on NBC5's Sports Sunday, Marshall had even stronger comments.

"A guy like that has no place in the NFL," he said.

Meanwhile, Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan said after the game that the coaching staff has been working with Meriweather on not leading with his helmet and he doesn't believe his safety is headhunting.

When asked if he thought Meriweather may be facing a suspension, Shanahan said: "I sure hope not, because I know it's not intentional."

Adam Hoge covers the Bears for and is a frequent contributor to 670 The Score. Follow him on Twitter at @AdamHoge.

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