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Parents Of Marlen Ochoa React To Investigation Of Daughter's Death; 'These Anti-Immigrant Laws'

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The parents of Marlen Ochoa, the pregnant 19-year-old who was murdered, spoke out about their daughter and why it took so long for police to "take action sooner and save a life".

Arnulfo Ochoa, Marlen's father, said the family has closure now that their daughter's remains have been positively identified. However, he cited "these anti-immigrant laws" for a delay in the case's investigation.

Ochoa was inconsolable and required his loved ones to assist him to walk to the main entrance of the Cook County Office of the Medical Examiner. The victim's mother and loved ones also arrived moments later to identify the body the 19-year-old.

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Raquel Uriostegui, Ochoa's mother, described her daughter as "an angel".

Ochoa's parents said Marlen was born in Mexico and that the family moved to the U.S. when she was 2 years old.

The Ochoa family and religious leaders exited the building and held a press conference an hour later. They demand justice for those who killed Marlen. They are upset with the Chicago Police Department's investigators, who they say did not have urgency to break the case. The father of the victim says he had to hire a private investigator to get to the bottom of this tragedy.

The family said they will welcome any support to help cover the funeral costs and are asking for help obtaining humanitarian visas for Marlen's grandparents to come to the U.S. for her funeral.

Meanwhile, Marlen's widower Yovani Lopez says his son, who was cut from his mother's womb, is in a coma and braindead.

In a statement, Chicago police responded, "We can't comment on the sensitive nature on the current state of the investigation."

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