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Marijuana Commercials Could Start Airing In Chicago Area

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Marijuana ads could run here in May and June via Chicago's largest cable provider.

CBS 2's Dorothy Tucker takes a look at them in this original report, and you decide if you want to buy what they're selling.

At the end of the 60 second spot is a promo for, where you can find physicians willing to review your medical records and if you qualify, write you a recommendation to smoke pot.

Dr. Bodo Schneider has an office in a non-descript building in Orland Park. He's the only reference we were given for the Chicago area.

"Patients that are coming to this practice are ones that have qualifying conditions that once it becomes legal to do so in Illinois, then they'll be able to get a recommendation," said Dr. Schneider.

In a telephone conversation, Jason Draizin, the CEO of marijuana, insists doctors like Schneider are necessary.

"A lot of people are not comfortable talking to their primary physician. A lot of their primary care physicians don't want to recommend the drug to them," Draizin.

Dr. Dennis Gates is among the doctors who pushed for the medical marijuana law and says all of his colleagues will write a prescription for the drug.

Gates says the website bothers him because, "I don't see why this is necessary except for these borderline patients."

We've learned that the doctor's office in Orland Park has the attention of the Illinois Department of financial and professional regulations.

State laws do not allow clinics to operate for the sole purpose of writing marijuana recommendations. State officials will make sure the law is not being violated.

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