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Marengo Students Decide To Go Big, Or Go Home

MARENGO (WBBM) -- Some Marengo High School students wanted to do something big. Their project for humanities class had to have something to do with the ancient Greeks.

As Newsradio 780's Mike Krauser reports, their teacher couldn't believe it.

"It was a surprise and it was a big surprise," said teacher Bob Pomykala said.

The students wouldn't tell Pomykala what they were up to.

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"They said they had a great idea, but they wouldn't tell me what it was," he said.

What they did was build a giant Trojan Horse, which, according to Greek mythology was used to sneak soldiers into the city of Troy for a triumphant battle. They built it in senior Sergio Aguilar's yard, and then moved it right in front of Marengo Community High School.

Senior Tyler VanVorhees says a lot of people told them it couldn't be done.

Their attitude? "We're going to do this despite what you guys say," he said.

Marengo Trojan Horse Interior
Up to 12 people can fit inside the Trojan Horse.

"I'm really surprised it never caused an accident," said Pomykala. People drove by, slowed down and wouldn't even pay attention to the road."

It's 17 feet tall and 22 feet long. Up to 12 people can fit inside.

It was built of wood, and construction was funded with donations and some unused cash from a class trip.

"The massive size of it is really a nice part of it, but the another part that's really nice its really interesting to look at. It's well-designed," said Pomykala.

VanVorhees says they're pretty pleased.

"We're hoping that this kinda makes the younger classes step up and do cool stuff," VanVorhees said.

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