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Manto Doesn't Want Walks?

(WSCR) Cubs new president of baseball operations Theo Epstein built two World Series titles on the idea of his hitters taking as many pitches as possible.

It's a new way of baseball that is translating into success. The idea is simple: if you take more pitches, you tire out the pitcher, creating more at-bats, ultimately leading to more runs.

New White Sox hitting coach Jeff Manto has a different view when it comes to taking pitches. telling The Mully and Hanley Show that walks set up double-play balls.

"Do we want Adam Dunn taking a ball (when it is) off the plate with a man on third and the infield back and you got (Justin) Verlander throwing and he walks him? I don't know," Manto said.

"What happens is that you set up the double play. If you (hit) into a double play, you get out of the inning. We give high five for taking the walk, but we have arguably the most prolific left-handed hitter in the game at the plate. He can drive that run in."

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Still Manto is looking forward to the challenge of fixing these broken veterans.

"We got a pretty good lineup," Manto said. "It's just redirecting their thought process. I'm looking forward to it. I think if you take on any job in the major leagues, you have your work cut out for you. I'm extremely excited to deal with a lineup like this. It's an explosive one, to say the least."

After a historically bad season, Manto believes time away for Dunn will prove to be the difference.

"It is what it is. It happened," Manto said. "The fortune thing for Adam and ourselves is that it's in the past. I think collectively a staff, that's how we're going to approach it. I'm sure he was beat up pretty good all year last year. ... It's just a matter of him getting a new start, a fresh start."

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