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Man With 'Cop Killa' Tattoo Charged With Threatening Cops

Hammond, Antonio
Antonio Hammond. (Credit: Chicago Police Dept.)

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A West Side man with a deep criminal history and a unique tattoo on his face has been arrested for allegedly threatening to shoot and kill police officers, WBBM's Mike Krauser reports.

Man With 'Cop Killa' Tattoo Charged With Threatening Cops

The tattoo is just below Antonio Hammond's left eye and it says "10 District Cop Killa."

Aside from that, there is no evidence that he ever killed a cop, but police say they have the recordings of repeated 9-1-1 calls during which the 27-year-old Hammond is alleged to have threatened to shoot and kill police officers in the Odgen District on the West Side, which is the 10th District like in the tattoo.

Police say he also called the district station house claiming he planted a bomb in the parking lot, but none was found.

The calls were made on Monday morning over a period of about 20 minutes, according to police and when he was arrested they say he had the phone used to make the calls.

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