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Man Returns Thousands Of Dollars Found Outside Bank Drive-Through Window

PALATINE, Ill. (CBS) -- It's a story that puts your honesty to the test. You find a pile of cash. Thousands of dollars. What do you do?

Roseanne Tellez reports on one man's story of lost and found.

Steven Lee needed to make a deposit yesterday, but never thought he'd be handing over more than $8,000.

His unusual day started as he whizzed through the drive-through window, which was closed, at a Palatine bank.

"So when I drove here, I see something on this pathway and said, 'Oh, what is that? It look like a block,'" said Lee.

"And I look at it and I went up there to pick it up and I said 'Oh my God, this is cash this is cash," said Lee.

When asked what was going through his mind, Lee said "Someone lost this money. Someone could lose their job. I better return this money quick."

And so he did, snapping a Facebook photo at the teller window first to show friends that it was his lucky day. He'd found more than $8,000. Some think he's crazy for giving it back. Bank employees say they knew both clients involved.

"They knew both of those clients, so the one that brought it in they actually weren't surprised because they figured he would do something like that. But they were very appreciative as was our client that dropped it," said Garrett Larkin, Regional Manager at Fifth Third Bank.

He says, for him , it was automatic. Give the money back. He's all about good karma and not at all interested in a reward. Although bank officials would love to take him out to lunch.

As for the local business that dropped the bundle, they didn't really want to talk about it.

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