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Police Searching For Man Who Disappeared During Pride Weekend

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Chicago Police are investigating a possible sighting of a 25-year-old Evergreen Park man who disappeared near Halsted and Roscoe during Pride Weekend.

25-year-old Christopher Evans had been at Roscoe's bar with several friends early Sunday morning. His mother Anita says the friends told her Chris started acted strangely - telling a female friend on the dance floor that the place was going to burn up.

Police Searching For Man Who Disappeared During Pride Weekend

And soon after, he was seen - on foot - going east.

Mike Schulz was there and decided to leave the bar with Chris in an attempt to calm his friend down.

"He was just kind of panicked. He kept thinking something was going to happen," said Schulz.

But when they got outside, Chris didn't stick around for long.

Friends and loved ones of Christopher Evans were out for much of the day handing out flyers and taping them up all around the neighborhood he was last seen.

Anita Evans says police shared a theory with her.

"They told me that they think somebody put something in his drink at this club called Roscoe's," said Anita Evans.

That was early Sunday morning.

On Sunday night between 8 and 10 o'clock, an employee of the 7-11 across the street, Raymond Khananis, tells Newsradio he thinks Chris Evans came into the store looking for his cell phone.

"Other than he seemed like a very polite individual, that's really all that I got from him."

Khananis says he wasn't acting any more agitated than anyone else who'd lost a cell phone.

Kanhanis says the 7-11 owner made a copy of the security video for Chicago Police.

Evans' mother says Evans' car was found on Broadway, just a few blocks from Roscoe's

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