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Man Arrested For Drugged Driving

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A west suburban police chief says a man arrested for drugged driving the other night did something most arrestees don't do -- he thanked police.

Riverside Police Chief Tom Weitzel says 60-year old Michael Mola, an Oak Brook resident, allegedly snorted heroin and ingested Vicodin he did not have a prescription for.

Mola then got behind the wheel of his 2009 Toyota, crossed over Harlem Ave., and overdosed in downtown Riverside, slumping over the steering wheel.

Police used a metal baton to break a window to get to him and paramedics gave Mola three shots of Narcan to save his life.

Once back in police custody after being treated at MacNeal Hospital, Chief Weitzel says Mola asked for the officers who responded and repeatedly thanked them for arresting him.

"I need help," he said.

Chief Weitzel says Mola is a prime example of someone without a criminal history who gets caught up in heroin addiction.

He added that his village had 136 DUI arrests last year and that 20 percent were for drugged driving -- a number he's seeing going up.

Mola has been charged with drugged driving and possession of a controlled substance.

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