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Mag Mile Display: Man Holding Sign, Welcoming Muslims

(CBS) -- Since Sunday, a 58-year-old Chicago man has been standing outside Water Tower Place a few times a day, holding a sign that says, "Muslims Welcome. This Land is Your Land."

And he's gotten a lot of attention.

"I've never had my picture taken so many times in all my life."

Ralph Braseth, blond-haired and blue-eyed, dressed in a suit and tie, holds his pro-Muslim sign at Michigan and Pearson. And he attracts comments.

"I appreciate your standing out here. You must be freezing," says one woman.

"I am. I forgot my hat," Braseth replies.

Most people have been friendly, he says.

"But not always," he adds. "Today I had three guys that came up, and they were bad-mannered. They just asked me if I wanted to stick that sign up where the sun doesn't shine."

Braseth says standing with the sign makes him uncomfortable, but he's there three times a day.

"I just think the message is important."


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