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Made In Chicago: Poop Bags From Loft 312

(CBS) -- Now that the city has a ban on lightweight plastic bags, what are dog owners supposed to do?

Enter Jennifer Blaese.

"I'm known as the Poop Bag Girl. We manufacture very eco-savvy, modern poop bag dispensers as well as environmental poop bags."

She says they biodegrade - in landfills - in just over two years.

"You can fit your whole hand in there and spread out your hand."


Blaese is a long-time pet owner who started her company, Loft 312, after she lost her corporate job five years ago.

"It's funny because I used to sell plumbing. And so I did have that relation to poop."

She came up with a bag holder she calls a Loop for Poop.

"You can put it on your bag. You can put in on your leash. You can put it on your belt, which is a funny thing, but it doesn't look like a poop bag holder. That was something that was a requirement. It needed to be cool."

Jennifer Blaese
Jennifer Blaese, a.k.a. "Poop Bag Girl," founder of Loft 312. (Credit: Steve Miller).

"We made the perforations. Perforations are very important when it comes to rolls... This is a perforation indicator... We thought of everything."

Blaese says her products are sold in more than 300 stores across the country and in Canada, including six stores in Chicago. She says she's working on increasing that in Chicago.

"People do ask you what you do for a living. The thing about it is, they may not remember my name. Most people don't remember people's names. But they remember that I'm that girl that makes poop bags."

Jennifer Blaese of Loft 312. For more information, visit

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