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Made In Chicago: Literacy Chicago

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Rob Shindler is a lawyer who makes sure people know how to read as a volunteer with Literacy Chicago where students have all sorts of motivation.

Made In Chicago: Literacy Chicago

"A lady would bring her Bible each and every time to class and although she knew the Bible from cover to cover, she memorized it basically, she didn't know how to read it. There were people who wanted to read their horoscopes," said Shindler.

Shindler says for some group classes he uses music as his path to literacy putting lyrics on the board..

"And we will break-up every single sound, syllable, word until we have the song done and then what we will do is I have purchased the song and we will play the song and we will sing it together and they will get up and they will dance and that works," said Shindler.

Rob Shindler is author of Hot Dogs and Hamburgers about his work at a reading tutor at Literacy Chicago.

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