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Chicago non-profit COFI celebrating record $2 million donation from Mackenzie Scott

Chicago non-profit COFI celebrating record $2 million donation from Mackenzie Scott 02:13

CHICAGO (CBS) -- They're a local nonprofit that recently landed a major donation from a celebrity, and we wondered what they're all about and how they help low-income families live a better life.

Morning Insider Tim McNicholas introduces us to Community Organizing and Family Issues – or COFI.

It's not your average conference call, it's a pep rally of sorts for COFI – a nonprofit that works to improve the lives of low-income families and their families – and at this meeting, there were at least 2 million reasons why the energy is so high.

"The greatest donation in our over 20 year history, of $2 million from Mackenzie Scott."

Scott — the philanthropist and ex-wife of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos —made the donation earlier this month.

The parent-based nonprofit says it will help them fund college savings accounts for local kids and fight for change – including increased mental health services in schools.

It's great news for Dexter Leggin – a volunteer and single parent who says COFI helped him raise his son.

"I'm in a community that is deprived of a lot of things, a lot of resources, and we have a lot of kids that's in trauma. So that's probably why it's so important to me," he said.

The group held a rally before a meeting with lawmakers in Springfield, via Zoom, to discuss the changes they're fighting for.

"We're working on mental health within our communities. We are working on helping with early learning," said Rosalia Salgado, a parent leader and co-president of COFI. "It's important to me, because I know COFI has helped my family succeed, and I want to give that to other families."

For Salgado, that's something worth cheering for.

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