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MacArthur Foundation Gives $10M In Grants To Combat City Gun Violence

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The MacArthur Foundation announced Monday it's giving $10 million in grants to combat gun violence in Chicago.

Among the ten organizations receiving money is Chicago Neighborhood Initiatives (CNI).

The non-profit believes the old saying that "nothing stops a bullet like a job," so it has worked to bring a Whole Foods store to Englewood, as well as a Walmart and a Method soap factory to Pullman.

CNI President, David Doig, says their work has helped lower violent crime in Pullman by 45 percent over the last seven years.

With the $1 million grant that will be spread over four years, Doig says CNI hopes to build on successes in Pullman, Englewood and Bronzeville -- and even expand.

He says the jobs will range from starting positions to highly coveted ones, such as working in the tech industry.

In addition, CNI is working to provide affordable housing to struggling communities.

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