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Lyft Partners With ADT To Develop Emergency Help System, Offering Discreet Help That Can Include A Silent 911 Call

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The rideshare company Lyft announced Wednesday that it is partnering with the ADT security firm for an Emergency Help system for both riders and drivers.

The system allows riders or drivers to receive help discreetly for any situation during a ride – whether or not they want to call 911 or are able to do so. Lyft noted that the ability to get emergency assistance while silent is critical.

The program also allows Lyft to expand beyond emergency service to reassurance – providing users with extra peace of mind by giving real-time support in situations that are uncomfortable, but may not warrant police action.

With the Emergency Help program, a rider or driver can connect immediately with an ADT security professional by voice or silently. Riders may choose whether they want ADT to call or text them, or call 911 silently on their behalf. Drivers only have the option to request a call from ADT since they are driving.

If requested, ADT will alert police so they can arrive at the user's location already equipped with information about the Lyft vehicle and the rider' destination.

The Emergency Help system is one of many that Lyft touts to enhance safety before, during, and after rides.

Lyft has also developed strict screening policies for drivers – including initial, annual, and continuous background checks, criminal monitoring and driving record checks, and mandatory safety education created in partnership with the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN).

Lyft has also developed in-ride features that allow riders to share their locations with family and friends, connect directly to Lyft support, and get emergency assistance from the Lyft app. After a ride, the Lyft safety team is also available 24/7.

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