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Loyola Gear Flying Off The Shelves

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Chicago prepares for yet another pulse raising, heart pounding college basketball game.

Tonight many are buying Rambler gear for school inspiration and to perhaps catch perspiration.

CBS 2's Jeremy Ross has more with more on the buying and how the team is being sold outside of campus.

They are drawn to the racks, searching front to back.

"I gave away a lot of my old college t-shirts," says  Karen Schee Le. "And now that the Ramblers are doing so well, I need to pick up some more Loyola gear."

She and dozens of others proudly cash in on current school spirit.

The past a distant whisper.

"We were never known for our athletic department so this is huge," says Schee Le. "Making it to the Elite Eight is huge."

Not all of it can be found at the Loyola University Chicago bookstore.

The school's neckwear is rare.

The scarves sold out.

The store telling us sales this week compared to last year are up 300 percent.

And that maroon and gold is also being sold more than two miles away.

For 68 years Candlelite Chicago was not a Loyola bar.

Until now.

"It basically doubles the sales of what a normal Thursday would be," says owner Pat Fowler who calls this a space a place for alums and those drawn to the Cinderella story.

What you can find in this store is the hope and pride of a fanbase.

One size fits all for that feeling.

The store hoping to replenish supplies next week.

Amongst them, they're hoping to sell Final Four 4 t-shirts.

The Ramblers will take on Kansas State at 5:00 Saturday on TBS.

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