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Looking Forward With The Bears: New QB Justin Fields Opens Up About Epilepsy, Allen Robinson Looks Forward To New Season

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The Bears moved quickly during the NFL Draft on Thursday to trade up for Justin Fields when the Ohio State quarterback somehow slipped out of the top 10 on draft day.

During the draft process, Fields revealed his epilepsy diagnosis to teams. But he said thanks to medicine, it has never kept him off the field.

"I got diagnosed with it in ninth grade, so basically, it was just that I had a seizure in school, and it was crazy, because I just woke up in an ambulance," Fields said. "It was definitely a crazy story for me, but you know, it has had zero effect on football. I haven't missed any practices; any games because of it, and it's pretty simple to manage it. I just have to take three or four pills a night every night, so it's nothing crazy. It's kind of a thing that's been there the past seven or eight years, so I'm used to it."

The Bears insist for now, Andy Dalton is still their starter - but it likely won't be long before Fields is teaming up with Allen Robinson.

Following a year of negotiating, Robinson - the Bears' number one receiver - agreed to the franchise tag in March of $18 million.

The Piccolo Award winner is ready for the Bears to take the next step.

"At the end of the day, whether it's being played on or not, I think last year, my mindset was more so of, kind of have more of a buoyant mindset going into the season – a possible contract and stuff like that – but you know, now, again, I have a pretty good mindset going into it. I'm not too focused on anything else rather than putting myself in the best position to be able to have a successful year and to be able to do what I need to do for this offense, for my teammates," Robinson said. "So again, I'm in a good place. You know, at this point in time, like I said before, some very big accomplishments that can be had this season that have never been done before for the Chicago Bears."

Voluntary team workouts are scheduled to start on May 17 Halas Hall - but the NFLPA is pushing back on that due to COVID concerns.

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