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Long-Standing Italian Restaurant Closing In Bridgeview

CHICAGO (CBS) -- After 45 years in the same location in Bridgeview, Joe's Italian Villa is closing on Tuesday, losing the lease it has had since 1968.

Joe's Italian Villa is losing its lease in a Bridgeview strip mall.

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"I don't understand why they pulled the rug out from underneath us," said Joe's co-owner Frank Serio.

Serio said the strip mall owner has plans to put in a bistro with video games.

Serio says the family-owned pizza business has a loyal following of customers who are like family - helping each other through the years.

"I remember how people pitched in together," he said. "Not just our family but somebody's car didn't start and somebody (would say), 'Hey, I'll give you a jump.'

"Or a house has got too much snow. 'I'll be over to plow it for you.' "

And now he hopes to re-open Joe's Italian Villa nearby.

"This little restaurant that we've had, I did not know that it meant that much to all these people," he said.

"And if this outpouring of - I don't know - affection, or whatever I've seen from all these people ... we will make it.

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